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When deployed by the right provider, managed IT services can act as a single point of contact, lowering your costs and increasing your productivity.


Our Company, Vision & Mission Statements 

Source Point MSP is a cloud-forward Technology Integrator, Managed Service Provider (MSP), and Managed Security Services Provider/ (MSP/MSSP/) that offers technology management, consulting, managed security services, and Enterprise IT Executive coaching. Source Point MSP’s vision is to create a digital ecosystem that protects data, systems, people, and organizations while empowering business leaders with fiscally responsible next-generation technology and operational platforms. As a result, our mission is to deliver to our customers, of all sizes, complex, innovative, and comprehensive information technology, security, and compliance services. 

Competitive Advantage

Core Value: Passion for Technology

Source Point MSP partners with you to enable your IT so that you can focus on your core business. We help you decrease management costs and increase the quality and efficiency of your IT.

We Grow and Adapt with you

Core Value: Innovative & Entrepreneurial Spirited

Source Point MSP is able to service organizations of all sizes in different industries and we can scale with your business.

We have your back 24/7/365

Core Value: Integrity Trust Fabric – Honest, Transparent, Humble

Source Point MSP works around the clock, ensuring your business is secure and fully monitored.

Our Core Values

The core values of an organization are the foundations of the business serving as a compass guiding decision-making, behavior, interactions, and relationships. At Source Point MSP, we have deeply considered our core values. We believe that our core values underpin all that we do. As a result, we encourage our potential employees, partners, customers, and other stakeholders to review our values. Our hope is to attract stakeholders with similar and compatible beliefs to foster a relationship supporting success, stronger sense of community, and create an environment of open dialog and collaboration. The following paragraphs briefly describe our core values system: 

Passion for Technology & Excellence 

Our organization is passionate about technology and high performance. Our enthusiasm is centered on the use of technology to solve business problems and challenges. At the core, we believe that all organizations of any size should have the opportunity to leverage cutting edge hardware and software to achieve their goals. In short, we strive to provide the best use of technologies to enhance our stakeholders’ computer experience and their ability to get the most out of their technology investments. We are committed and focused on the latest development in information technology and cybersecurity. In summary, we are all about our ‘tech stack’ and ensuring the solutions selected provide premium and superior results à Excellence. 

Innovation & Agility 

Information Technology and security are all about change, innovation, and adaptation. Simply, we must change as fast as our competitors, take an offensive posture, and stay ahead of our attackers.  At all costs, we shouldn’t be so comfortable with our passion, technical stack of tools, policies, and procedures that we transform into a technology coma. History is full of successful and once innovative companies like Novell, Blackberry, and Kodak who simply road an aging technology wave until the organizations were obsolete. Source Point MSP’s mindset is to continuously innovate all aspects of our services. We foster an environment to use Agile methodologies so we can quickly adapt to ever-changing needs and challenges. We strive toward a passion of excellence using innovative and agile methods to sharpen our skills, processes, solutions, and service delivery.

Critical Thinking & Collaboration 

At Source Point MSP, all stakeholders are critical thinkers. Our employees maintain a great level of entrepreneurial spiritedness where we take the initiative to create opportunities and magic for our organization, partners, and customers. Always wearing critical thinking hats adds to our innovative and agile core values. Our team takes great pride in knowing that Source Point MSP uses critical thinking skills to make a positive impact on our community, the information technology vertical, and society. Accordingly, critical thinking extends to our communications, meetings, and other events through collaboration. Source Point MSP and her stakeholders, together, work to ensure that passion, innovation, agility, and critical thinking transforms our relationships to be freely collaborative and empowering communications arena. 

The Trust Factor 

Trust is at the exact center of our core values. Our core values represent ‘how’ we conduct business where the Trust factor is ‘who’ we are as an organization. Our executive leadership founded the organization on traditional principles. Using a servant leadership approach, Source Point MSP employs characteristics such as strong listening, empathy, self-awareness, and placing others needs first. We are transparent and honest with our stakeholders. Most of all, we are humble, appreciative, show understanding, and grace. All of this combines to form our Trust Factor and the ‘who’ we are as a business and people. 

People receiving calls about cyber security

Give Back Policy  

Our organization believes in sharing our success with our community. We have established special programs for veteran-owned businesses and non-profit organizations. Working with our technology partners, Source Point MSP has secured special pricing for non-profit organizations.  Also, Source Point MSP offers discounts on our service plans for non-profits and veteran-owned organizations.  

Our belief in giving back aligns to our foundation and core values. Our core value statement and specifically critical thinking and collaboration tracks to our methodology on giving back. Once an organization has been contracted and fully deployed, your named Source Point MSP Account Sponsor will reach out to discuss our giving back program in detail. In brief, Source Point MSP has multiple causes that mean a great deal to our team. We will work with you collaboratively to review our list and understand which causes are important to you. Our quarterly giving back campaign will be driven by input from our staff, partners, and customers. Although we really hope you join us in this program, participation is optional and at no cost to you; we simply strive to include everyone that contributes to Source Point MSP’s success.   

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